Grace the mailboxes of your recipients with our vibrant red A1 euro flapped envelopes. With options ranging from a bright crimson to a darker rose red, we offer whatever shade you need. Perfect for any occasion, your guests will not miss these spectacularly colored red response card envelopes.

These red A1 euro flapped envelopes are the smallest size we offer and are perfect for smaller invitations, note cards, thank you cards, or response cards. The envelopes are euro flapped meaning that they have a rounded pointed, triangular flap. This gives these graceful envelopes a certain different feel than normal square flapped envelopes.

Add the red response card envelopes to your order today to ensure your cards or invitations are received in the best possible way.  If these ones aren’t the color for you, don’t worry! These gorgeous envelopes come in a variety of vibrant hues so that you have the chance to find the perfect fit for your event.

If hand addressing your red response card envelopes, we recommend ordering 25% more than you'll need to account for mistakes.

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