Small Business Spotlight: Sugar Land Gluten Free Bakery

Small Business Spotlight: Sugar Land Gluten Free Bakery

I have always wanted to start a small business spotlight for great companies I run across, especially those within the same industry as my own business. Owning a small business can be challenging work, and I think it's high time all entrepreneurs encourage one another to keep up the hard work. I bring you my first small business spotlight - showing off a lovely lady's skills all while honing in on keeping her baked goods allergen-free!

When my daughter was first born, she had a dairy and soy allergy. Since I was breastfeeding, I had to stop eating dairy and soy. The three things I craved the most were waffles, ice cream, and cheese that melted (you know, the real stuff). I was so thankful that I had a daughter in the 2010s because there were quite a few options available to me as alternatives, and I found some gems that I still eat today since she's outgrown her allergies. 

For anyone who was not born of a food allergy, I'm sure that they can attest to craving the things they can't have every once and a while. Sometimes the alternatives don't exist. Other times, the other options don't taste good.

My mother-in-law has a gluten allergy. She found out later in life and didn't always have the allergy. Believe it or not, she had denied herself cake for years. I decided to surprise her with some gluten-free cupcakes for her birthday this year. I didn't know if I would find something around town, but I lucked out, let me tell you.

This wizard in the kitchen has figured out the secret to creating moist, delectable cakes. If it wasn't her specialty that it was gluten-free, you probably couldn't tell!

gluten free cupcakes

The owner of Sugar Land Gluten Free has a similar backstory to why she started her business. Her children have allergies, and she wanted to share her passion for baking with the Houston area. The owner of Sugar Land Gluten Free works out of her home and does magnificent work. 

For my mother-in-law, I ordered the mixed flavor box of cupcakes from her online shop. It was the perfect sampler! Each of us had our favorites. My favorite was strawberry; my husband gravitated to the "Oreo" cupcake, while my mother-in-law claimed all the chocolate cupcakes!

If you don't like cake, don't worry! Sugar Land Gluten Free also makes many other sweet baked goods (including ones for special occasions!). She has muffins, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cookies, donuts, and much more! If you have a gluten/dairy allergy and are hankering for a sweet treat, check out her webpage and place an order!

PLEASE NOTE: These photos were taken a couple days after we ordered them. We dove in too quickly before I thought of snapping a picture of how pretty they were. These were the only ones left! The strawberry was fresh when I picked up the order! :)

Also, This was not a sponsored post. However, I did ask permission to the company prior to posting this article.


Are you an up and coming small business in the Houston area within the party/wedding/gift industry?

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