Pink 'Pulitzer' Roses Wedding Suite

Pink 'Pulitzer' Roses Wedding Suite

This design I did ended up slightly 'Pulitzer-esque.' A similar pink watercolor rose wedding invitation design was brought to me to 'sort of' mimic. Below you can see a few inspiration photos to pull the look together.

For those of you who might not know, Lilly Pulitzer is most popular for her line of brightly colored *typically watercolor inspired* 'resort-ware' clothing. Her story is quite interesting. In short, she eloped in 1950. Her and her husband settled in Palm Beach, Florida. They owned an orange grove so she started a juice stand, but her clothes would always get stained. She decided to make herself some brightly patterned dresses to mask the stains. Her clients fell in love with her dresses and soon she was selling more clothes than juice and her fashion business blossomed quickly! Her clothing was seen being worn by Jaqueline Kennedy in Life magazine and many other elite family members in the 1960s-1980s!


pink-house groom 2016-March-069-Medium  | Audrey Norman Fine Art Wedding Photography

boutinierre  2016-March-071-Medium2016-March-070-Medium

bouquet    shoes

Sources: Style Me Pretty, Tumblr, 100 Layer Cake, Hey Wedding Lady


I can relate to this sort of 'unplanned' idea to starting a business. When I was planning my wedding, I was a DIY bride. Between supporting myself through college with a slew of jobs that could equate to almost a full-time job and planning a wedding my last year in college, I was DIY-ing my wedding together. It was ironically my escape from my hectic schedule. I got a thrill when I slowly saw everything fit together like an art puzzle. So I was quite surprised and deflated in June when I finished school and got married in the same month. Everything ended so suddenly; I didn't know what to do with my life!

Soon a few of my friends also got married, and I began getting calls about planning weddings! How much did it cost? How did I pull everything together? How did I organize? How did I know when to do what? Where did I get my invitations? ...When they learned that I did almost everything on my own, they asked if they could get my help! I was newly married and unemployed...not to mention baying back my college loans were just around the corner. Invitations seemed to be the lowest financial investment for me. I began designing their invitations with the knowledge I learned in my Graphic Design class in college. After designing a few friends' didn't take long before I was doing it for local people and soon Etsy shoppers. I didn't seek out this opportunity in paper goods. It sort of just fell in my lap, and I honestly wouldn't trade my venture for anything else to date!

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