Flock to this Girl's First Birthday Party!

Flock to this Girl's First Birthday Party!

This adorable little girl's first birthday party made a splash!

Everyone will flock to the birthday girl at this little girl's first birthday party! This invitation was built for a flamingo and snow cone theme. It seemed a fitting theme for Cora since her favorite stuffed animal is a flamingo.

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The event was held at Frisco Commons Splash Pad, a local picnic area that is open to the public but offers rental options in the quaint suburb of Frisco, TX. (Link here for more information)

The wonderful party planner, aka Julie (one of my college roommates back in the day), always has the cutest cookies for her party. She snapped this photo in the midst of preparing for the party. I just had to give it the attention it deserves though. She shared her secret that these are not local! In fact, they are ordered and delivered online. So no matter where you are, you can have adorable cookies delivered to you too!

For those who are local, Something Sweet is located in Longview, TX. You can check them out by following this link to their Facebook page. They have a ton of adorable designs. Clearly they customize, too!

While I did not capture any photos from the actual party, I still love putting together some nice sources I find from the internet to help you pull everything together if you are considering having a themed first birthday party such as this one!

  • Snow Cone Party Theme Inspiration (Link) - this five year old looks like she had a great party! This was more of a Snow Cone theme than a flamingo theme, but it was still adorable.
  • I also was able to find some cute snow cone string lights you could put up if you're having a late afternoon party. (Link)
  • This party planner had a cool spin of the age-old game where you try to catch the ball on a string in a cup. This might not be a great idea for a first birthday party. It would be great for a party with lots of kids (Link)
  • Flamingo party supplies are much easier to find already made if you are in a crunch. As usual, Amazon can save the day! They offer a ton of great options. Many of them can even be hung straight out of their packaging. (Link)

Order the featured design by following the link here!

    Happy planning!

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